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For an ongoing update of our stories and successes "Bookmark" our site or add to your "Favorites".  You are assured to be excited and anxious to follow our progress.  Below you will find a summary of exciting and informative news and events.  Click the link for more details.


Philip Morris retirees were invited to bid farewell to a place where many had worked for 40 plus years. They toured the facility, one last time, gathering items that would help them continue to cherish great memories. 


Our Dismantling Cermony was an opportunity to invite the community and local government official to celebrate the beginning of the rebirth of a 25 plus acre site that had sat vacant for almost ten years.   


Our Green Un-Building that includes dismantling, recycling 95% of the material and removal of over 600,000 square feet of buildings has been completed.  Previously, the property was home to the Philip Morris USA, Louisville headquarters.

Operation Jericho was coordinated by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security because Public safety is the agency's top priority.  They work with the state's communities, first responders, and families to ensure Kentucky is ready and prepared.


Philip Morris Retirees
Dismantling Ceremony
Green Un-Building