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Green Un-Building

Our Green Un-Building has been completed.  This included dismantling, recycling 95% of the material and removal of over 600,000 square feet of buildings .


A unique and unusual high-tech, LIEBHERR R974, giant mobile crane, manufactured in France, was shipped to Louisville and assembled on the sight in order to minimize damage to the salvageable materials and minimize the un-building process in the most efficient, safe and unobtrusive manner possible to neighboring businesses and residents.


Dismantling and recycling the abandoned factory and office buildings makes way for the planned NewBridge Crossing Towne Center that will consist of retail shops, offices, restaurants and entertainment. 


A tremendous amount of the buildings material has been donated to Habitat for Humanity's Restore division.  Material donated includes items such as lighting fixtures, granite and hardwood flooring, landscape plants, to name a few.  These items were sold by Restore where proceeds are used to help fund and build housing.  


Concrete from the buildings structure was crushed and has been reused on many local projects as site fill, under roads, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. 

NewBridge Development is committed to utilizing green and sustainable processes that protect and preserve the environment.