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Operation Jericho

Kentucky Office of Homeland Security

When a call comes in from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security your ears will surely perk up.  And what a request to receive.  During the dismantling of the former Philip Morris USA headquarters in Louisville Kentucky, the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security asked if our site could be used for an important public safety preparedness training exercise, for every first responder.  We were honored to be part of a vitally important exercise and event.

The exercise was conducted on October 13, 2007 and focused on identifying a baseline of response capabilities within Louisville Metro.  The scene was set by the dismantling progress and was used to depict a building that had collapsed for unknown reasons.  Victims were trapped within the debris.  The Search and Rescue Team recovered victims, Triage was set to evaluate victims for medical teams to treat.

A full scale operation was in action that included emergency physicians, the American Red Cross, area hospitals, KY Department of Public Health, KY Division of Emergency Management, the KY Fire Commission, Louisville Fire and Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, the Louisville Police Department, KCTCS, the Ohio Task Force One, the U of L Center for Health Hazards Preparedness, and of course, the dismantling team, Euro Decommissioning Services, The Mardrian Group, Inc. and NewBridge Development LLC.


As the sun went down on October 13, 2007, the lights, cameras and action began.